Coffeemakers Shopping Guide

Coffeemakers Shopping Guide

Coffee makers today are considered to be one of life's truly essential accessories, and many people have at least one in their home. For centuries, the delicious caffeinated beverage of coffee has been enjoyed across the globe. Coffee makers can be found in a vast variety of styles and features. Many of them are affordable at just under $30 USD, while others are more lavishly priced at over $200 USD. However, on average most people feel that an acceptable cup of coffee can be produced from a machine in the $40 range.

The average basic coffee maker will produce, at a minimum, one cup of coffee per brew cycle. The amount of coffee that the coffee maker can produce per cycle is just one of the personal choices possible when making your selection. Many consumers do not have the time available or the need to brew an entire pot of coffee and are happy with only 2 or 3 cups a day, brewed individually. However, a large family or office might require a full pot of coffee to be brewed throughout the day.

It is recommended that a coffee maker be capable of brewing at temperatures of at least 195 degrees Fahrenheit, upwards of 205 degrees Fahrenheit, for around 5 minutes. This is considered to be the optimum temperature for releasing the essential properties of most coffee varieties on the market.

When it comes to selecting the coffee maker that is right for you, take into consideration how many cups per day that you consume. If a single serving is perfect to begin your day, then consider investing in one of the single serving models on the market. They use pre-filled coffee pods with easy button selections for the cup size you desire. These models also permit for the brewing of your favorite coffee by the single serving cup. This can also be accomplished by using the refillable, easy to clean filter basket pod, and adding your own fresh ground coffee. They're also great because the pods are optionally available with other products such as tea, cappuccino and hot chocolate.

If you drink more than a few cups daily, or have a few people who enjoy using the coffee maker as well, then consider the use of a full sized model. Most of the larger models will brew up to 12 cups. However, it is recommended to locate the ounce-to-cup ratio on the product packaging, as this varies per manufacturer.

If you find yourself returning to the coffee maker often, it might be best to invest in a model that includes an insulated carafe. These are designed to keep the brewed coffee hot and fresh for an extended period of time without any worry of a burned coffee taste occurring. Carafes that are not insulated and left on the warming plate throughout the day can easily taste stale after a few hours.

Many of the coffee maker models include a timer or clock feature that permits you to set the time for automatically brewing the coffee cycle. This is awesome for waking up to the scent of freshly brewed coffee. These are also great for those busy times when you might not be certain if you have turned off the coffee maker, when you left your home; they can automatically turn themselves off.

It is also recommended that you find a coffee maker that has a clearly marked water reservoir, preferably one that is easy to remove for cleaning. Water stains from hard water deposits are easy to remove this way. Be aware that some of the models may not work within your available counter space so be sure to check the packaging for the dimensions. There are some models which will have conveniently located side mounted control buttons for making better use of the counter space. The variety is quite extensive.

  • Single Serving MachinesKeurig is a popular single serving coffeemaker. Coffee pods are easily inserted for the perfect cup every time. Whether you live alone or have a large family, this type of machine is supreme. A huge variety of flavor rich coffee pods exist to suit anyone's taste. This permits for everyone in the home or the office to have their own unique coffee flavor brewed fresh each time.

  • Drip Coffee MakersCuisinart is also highly recommended, for those who brew large quantities of coffee at a time. Their drip coffee models can handle 10 to 12 cups per brewing cycle. Many of their models will permit the coffee to be ground in the coffee maker. Some will have a hot water feature which dispenses hot water for use in soups, tea and more.

  • A French PressThis is a great alternative to traditional drip coffee makers. It does not require electricity, nor does it need paper filters to brew. Very simply, place fresh coffee grounds into the press along with hot water. Stir briskly and press the mesh filter down to filter the coffee through.

  • Espresso coffee MachinesWell-known brands such as De'Longhi, are also highly valued for their strong delicious blends. Much like the single serving coffee machines, coffee pods or ground coffee can be used with an espresso machine. Espresso machines are designed to produce a very bold coffee drink with a swivel jet option for frothy milk.