Tips For Good Home-Stay Experience

Tips For Good Home-Stay Experience

Your reasons for choosing home stays as opposed to hotels may be many and varied. It may be that the hotel rates in the area you are visiting are not reasonable or affordable. You might also favor the homeliness of an actual home which cannot be found in a hotel or inn. It is also possible that you hope to get a better picture of the area from a family whose members are probably eager to share the history of the place with you. Whatever the reason you have for opting to get a home stay experience, the tips shown below will help you to be a good guest who your host will not mind having another day.

Share Your Full Information
Provide all your details upfront since no one will accept you in his or her house unless they have this. Likewise, gather all the information that you need about your host before moving in. This will be available from the description provided online or from the feedback of previous guests. When you do this, you will avoid any bad surprises that could meet you when you move in.

Strive to Be Friendly
It will be good for you and your host if you are friendly and outgoing. Be talkative and ready to help where you can.  You will however have to avoid being too intrusive into the personal affairs of your host. Get to know where to draw the line.

Clean Up After Yourself
Observe personal hygiene at all times during your stay. Do not leave personal items lying around when you are done with them. Wash and rinse your plate after meals or at least put it in the washer. Make your bed every morning and place your dirty laundry in the machine or in the recommended place.

Avoid Taking over the Common Areas
Do not monopolize the TV room or kitchen. Be reasonable in the time you spend in the common areas so that you do not hinder other members of the household from accessing and using them when they need to.

Be Aware of Differences in Personal Opinions and View Points
Chances are high that your host and you have different back grounds, cultures, and experiences. You need to take care that this does not get in the way of an otherwise beneficial experience for both of you. Steer clear of hard line stances where matters of opinion are concerned.

Share Your Personal Schedule
Let your host know of your planned movements in and out of the house. Prepare a rough itinerary and share with your host so that your hours are known so as to avoid any inconveniences and conflicts. You also need to ask the same of your host so that the two of you can be well synchronized.

Organize For Your Own Transportation
Unless your host offers to drive you around and it is within his own movement, you need to organize for your own transportation. You can use public transportation if you are within an area that has a regular service. Alternatively, you can hire a car for the period you are in the area.

Give Precise and Honest Feedback
Once your stay is over, make the effort to provide positive feedback to your host. Clearly state what you liked about your state and also what may need improvement for you or other future guests. If you are unable to do that, then at the bare minimum, send a thank you note to your host when you reach home.